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It Soultions
Small Business Solutions
Providing solutions to the small business, application consulting, business products, and wireless/networking solutions.
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Web Development
Web Development
Proving small business web presents and marketing strategies. Wide variety of e-Commerce development to one page web presents. Marketing your business to the web and offering affordable solutions to meet your needs.
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It Soultions
Providing infrastructure solutions, consulting, and affordable networking.
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TODAY IT Solutions…At Work and At Home

We at Marlar Technologies realize that the lines between work and home are becoming blurred.

At work, the need is obvious for updated IT solutions such as systems networking and others.

At home, electronic products such as computers, laptops, entertainment home systems and others require a certain degree of IT solutions and services to ensure that they perform at optimum levels on their own, and complement each other when they need to be used in conjunction with one another.

Today, BOTH locations can be wired and require infrastructure help, Internet set-up support, and more!

Solutions for Small Business Entrepreneurs

What does your business need? Marlar Technologies is all about helping the small business entrepreneur. Whether it’s installing call conferencing features, helping you with your project management needs or setting up your business’ IT security infrastructure, we ensure that your have the technological capability to compete in today’s cut-throat business world.

Home Solutions for Today’s Wired Homes

How advanced do you want your home to be? We specialize in providing home-centric IT solutions. From setting up your TiVo to installing your home theater system, we ensure that you feel that your living space is at the forefront of technology.
Application consulting
IP solutions
Web management
Web development
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So whether you need big help with your small business or simply need guidance regarding your home automation plans, Contact Us!
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