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All work on this site was done with
Dreamweaver ,Fireworks, Photoshop.
I want to thank Aaron's Designs for their help with some of the grpahics on this site and others that gave valuable feed back during the bulding of our site.
Thanks to our affiliates without your collaboration efforts we would still be a thought and a wish.

Your help has made our dreams come true, thanks and good luck in the future.
Marlar technologies would like to thank all it's customers.

Continuning our relationship with our Houston, and Tulsa affiliates in 2006.

New affiliates are welcome please use the contact us page or the partners page for more information.
New affiliates are talking with us in New Orleans, Atlanta, Tennessee, Knoxville, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Charlotte, and Greenville.
We recommend On force for technology needs outside the Dallas Ft. Worth, Houston,and Tulsa area for all of our clients within the US.
E-mail: Sales@marlartechnologies.com
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